11 Things That Will Make You Appear Instantly Ugly to Men

You may not know this, but there are a certain number of actions or non-actions that can sabotage your beauty if you’re not careful. Even if you have the looks of a supermodel, if you do these things you’ll truly look ugly to the best of men. So watch out for these and make sure that you don’t do them. Otherwise, when you meet your Prince Charming, you could be in danger of him actually seeing you as the evil witch.

These things will make you seem ugly to men

1. No sense of humor.

Most men love to laugh, and let’s face it: Guys who are funny are just more fun. But even guys who are serious most of the time want a gal with a great sense of humor. So if you haven’t already, learn to laugh! Sometimes, all this means is loosening up a bit if you tend to be uptight.

2. Stinginess.
Do you fret about money and guard your own possessions with your life? Talk about old witch. Being wise about your money is one thing (it’s good), but dividing your restaurant bill down to the penny and refusing romantic impromptu rides because it costs too much (how much can it cost?) is just too stingy.

3. Being arrogant.

Don’t be like that. Be more down to earth. Act like you would with your best friend or family member.

4. Not being exactly … clean.
Just take care of yourself that’s all. You don’t have to have perfectly set makeup at every moment. Just be sure to shower regularly and use deodorant and perfume. Keep your clothes and home space clean. That kind of stuff.

5. Never smiling.

Again, laughing and smiling are great. Do this. Sometimes, yes, even laugh at his corny jokes when you don’t actually think they’re funny. It’s a good thing.

6. Being too much of a “party girl.”

Getting a little wild sometimes can be okay, but too much partying makes you seem like you’re never able to be serious.

7. Lack of style.

Some women naturally have a great style, but if you’re struggling in that area, don’t just resign yourself to a style-less life. Get help!

8. Lack of organization in your life.

We all get messy, but if you have to poor your huge purse out on the table (old napkins, pieces of food, tampons and all), that’s just gross. Stay organized as much as possible.

9. Bad posture.
Bad posture is surprisingly important to almost all of us because it tells us how you feel about yourself.

10. Not “taking care” of yourself.

Not being clean is one thing. But as women, there are a number of other things that we often need to do as well. Now, remember, this is not true for everyone, and every woman deserves to make her own decisions about her appearance. But for many women, just a few “tidying up” routines can make all the difference. For example: Regular shaving/waxing/plucking/trimming Nail care, Foot care (You don’t need a professional pedicure!)Haircuts and/or color

11. Being unkind.

Be kind. Be honest. Do good. Be forgiving. Be generous.

Because these are the things that are truly beautiful to a man, most of all … if you’re looking for a great guy to attract, great guys love great gals. So be that … do good. And you’ll be golden.


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