11 Shocking Behind-the-scenes Secrets Of Filming P0rn

Everyone watches it.
I mean, you clicked on this article to read and possibly look Unclad chicks/dudes. You can’t judge people because some things are only shared with Mrs. Incognito Mode. And she can’t remember anything because she’s a class act. But there are some things we can judge: the shocking behind the scenes of the videos you use to fall asleep. Some of it is really eye-opening. I picked the best stuff just for you.

1. It’s every dude’s nightmare. Staying hard for hours is impossible.

The dirty secret is cuts in editing. There are a lot more “breaks” to rest, recuperate and wait for the male lead to go again.

2. Some women just don’t care about the way it smells down in their taco stand.

There was an interview with Joanna Angel where she said that a lot of new actresses have raunchy smelling vaginas and don’t realize it or don’t care.

3. Fake “man seed” used in the promotional shots for a porn is almost always icing sugar. In fact, it’s typically used as coffee sweetener on sets.

4. You’re either a drug-addicted college dropout, a moderately famous actress moderately addicted to drugs or a popular IndecentStar who never wants their drug use mentioned ever.

And you’d be surprised how many are vegan. And also on drugs.

5. What about the camera man? Or how waiting for the money shot ending can be awkward as fuvk. Being a cameraman means that… you’re going to get… something on you sooner or later

6. Don’t eat the snacks unless it’s covered in plastic wrap..

Someone who did a non-sex scene said: “They had a craft service table set up with snacks; chips, soda, etc. Right when I got there one of the performers who had just finished a scene, still Unclad and sticky, walked over and grabbed a hand full of chips from the bowl. That’s when I learned to only eat crafty that was still wrapped.”

7. There is rigorous testing protocol where actors get tested every two weeks by a whole panel of top-notch STD tests. You fail any of that, you can’t work.

It’s not only for safety but makes them think that condoms can be optional. Not recommended.

8. The detail in planning for an al s ex is like organizing a blackops mission.

A nal requires a lot of prep, which includes enemas, eating a particular diet or skipping meals entirely for the day. It’s NEVER a surprise.

9. The wage gap between male and female p0rn actors is massive. For males.

Women get paid based on what they’re able to do in a scene while men are paid a flat fee every time. Unless of course they do it with another dude.

10. “Bangbus isn’t real. I wish the world was that way… but it’d be straight-up prostitution.”

11. And finally, there’s the squirters… maybe you should sit down for this bad news. Squirting is almost always pee. Seriously.

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