Seyi Shay -Singer shows rarely seen emotional side in ‘Airbrush’

Seyi Shay’s ‘Airbrush’ throws the spotlight on the reality that exists behind the  seemingly ‘perfect’ appearances people put up.

The gifted vocalist takes it from an angle of a strained relationship between a certain couple as  the visuals of the song shows.

Seyi Shay Seyi Shay


Like we’ve never seen before from her, she shows a deep emotional side of hers in her latest music, something that may have come from a personal place and experience of hers.

The ‘Irawo’ singer goes “…You can’t airbrush reality”, addressing the fake show people sometimes put up to make others believe everything is rosy when it actually isn’t or when people try to show off to the detriment off their inner peace of mind.

Seyi Shay at the 2016 AMVCA Seyi Shay at the 2016 AMVCA


She simply brings reality to check and tries to show that we all are not perfect and it’s okay to show that side of you instead of trying too hard to impress and pretend to be who you are not or what is not.

Although I’m sure Seyi is not saying you should air out all your dirty laundry and baggage to the world, as some things are better left settled behind closed doors when it comes to relationships, personal matters, and other areas of life.

Seyi Shay Seyi Shay in a green jumpsuit


In a nutshell, Seyi Shay’s ‘Airbrush’ (taking nothing away from her undenaiably amazing vocals on this song) passes across a deep message that there is an imperfection in everyone out there and we should be real about it, embracing it where possible. It would help you sleep well at night, and keep your sanity in the long run. My two kobo.

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