Tamara Eteimo – Actress talks most memorable day on set, Nollywood movie that made her cry

Nollywood actress and producer, Tamara Eteimo, was recently at Pulse Nigeria.

During an exclusive interview, the actress and producer spoke on her most difficult role yet, being a part of Next Movie Star reality show, quality of Nollywood movies among other interesting topics.

An alumna of Del-York Film Academy, Eteimo made her debut as a producer in 2014 with the movie “Somewhere Down the Line.”

Tamara Eteimo Tamara Eteimo, looking glammed up.

(Dela Dee)

On upcoming dance movie:

“Candles’ is a dance movie. I know it is very rare in Nollywood, apart from “I Will Take My Chances” by Ini Edo and “Make A Move ” by Ivie Okujaye.

“Candle” is one unique movie a lot of people will actually relate with, no matter your age or level of thinking, if I must put it that way.”

On importance of training: 

Most universities in Nigeria don’t focus on acting for screen. Although some of them may have that as a different course from acting on stage. In the University of Port Harcourt, I didn’t have the chance to be taught acting for screen, we just focused on stage. Because I knew that this is a part I want to take serious as a career, I had to still go ahead and equip myself. So I decided to go study acting for screen in Del York.

Training is definitely required to become a fantastic and great actor.”

Seun Akindele and Tamara Eteimo on the set of Unblissful Seun Akindele and Tamara Eteimo on the set of Unblissful

(Nollywood Reloaded)

On finding good roles in Nollywood:

“I don’t think it is hard to find good roles in Nollywood. You would agree with me that our stories are evolving from what they used to be.

“Right now, we can stand and compete with any international movie, in as much as we have not really gotten to the extent that we know we want to get to.

“But we are growing to the point that we can stand and be confident that ‘this is a movie that was shot in Nigeria, and it can stand anywhere in the world. So yes, we have good roles in Nollywood.”

Eteimo is popular for movies including “Finding Mercy,” “Mrs Somebody,” “Somewhere Down the Line,” “Desperate Housegirls” among others


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