DMX – Rapper welcomes 15th child


American hip-hop artiste DMX has just welcomed baby number 15 to his ever growing family.

DMX’s baby mama, Desiree (Instagram)

DMX who recently spent 6 months in jail over a $400k child support debt welcomed his baby boy, Exodus on Friday, August 19, 2016.

According to TMZ, the former ‘Ruff Ryder‘ rapper missed the delivery of his 15th child because he was in Arizona when Exodus was born. He however flew to New York for the baby’s first night in the world.

DMX’s baby mama is his longtime girlfriend Desiree, who welcomes her first child.

He told TMZ he’s overjoyed, calling his new bundle of joy a blessing.

DMX, Tashera Simmons and their sons DMX, Tashera Simmons and their sons


It is surprising that despite the reports that his former fiance Simmons and kids were homeless, while he is constantly trailed with rumours of his failure to provide child support, he still wants to have more kids.

Anyways, congratulations to the new couples


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