La Mujer De Lorenzo-” Remembering telenovela “Lorenzo’s Wife”


It’s another Thursday, and we are throwing it back to one of the popular telenovelas, “Lorenzo’s Wife,” which aired on Africa Independent Television (AIT) in 2006/2007.

The series revolves around a couple, Laurita and Lorenzo, who had what everyone considered the “perfect marriage”. Laurita gets bored with her marriage, and starts an affair with Alex, a young opportunist who seduces rich women.

Convinced she is in love with Alex, Laurita decides to leave Lorenzo. She however changes her mind after her attorney reminds her of a prenuptial agreement which would leave her penniless if she files for divorce.

Lorenzo and Silvia in “Lorenzo’s Wife”

Laurita schemes to make Lorenzo file for a divorce, by making sure he falls in love with another woman – Sylvia, his personal assistant.

Lorenzo and Silvia become strongly attracted to each other. However, Laurita’s scheme becomes complicated with the arrival of Lorenzo’s former lover and fiancée, Isabella, who returns to claim ‘what belongs to her.’  On the road to revenge, Isabela becomes Alex’s lover.

Lorenzo and Laurita in “Lorenzo’s Wife”

As Silvia and Lorenzo’s relationship grows, Lorenzo finally decides to ask Laurita for a divorce. Realizing what she is about to lose, Laurita decides to fight for Lorenzo.

The series took viewers through a journey of love triangle, deaths, and every other popular occurrence in every telenovela.

What do you remember about “Lorenzo’s Wife?” Drop your comment


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