Burna Boy says Nigeria is facing hard times because of recycled leadership

Burna Boy contemplates quitting music

Pop singer Burna Boy, 25, at a concert in Makurdi, Benue state spoke about the state of the country and economy while on stage.

Speaking to his fans in between his performance, Burna Boy stated that the hardship Nigerians are facing right now is because of recycled leadership.

Burna Boy 'Pree me' Burna Boy ‘Pree me’(Youtube)

You no say right now for Nigeria, e get as things be. So if I no address am e no go make sense” said the singer in pidgin English.

When you no fit collect dollar again, you go understand wetin I dey sing now because wetin don happen for Nigeria don happen before, infact e don happen like three times” Burna Boy told the crowd.

Burna Boy and Julie Burna Boy and Julie(Beats 1)


The same people wey dey rule us before, dey rule us now. How many of una never chop today?” he further said.

Burna Boy who just released a new video ‘Pree Me‘ on September 5, 2016, considered quitting music not too long ago.

Burna Boy on a Tim Westwood TV freestyle session Burna Boy on a Tim Westwood TV freestyle session(Tim Westwood TV)

On August 17, 2016, he said he was tired of the politics in the music industry. He later said he would not quit the music scene.


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