The Game -Rapper reveals he’s slept with 3 members of the Kardashian clan


Seems like there’s a snitch inside everyone of us including rapper, The Game.

The Game (Design Trend)

The rapper was a guest on the Wendy Williams show where he listed members of the Kardashian clan he’s had sex with.

The father of three dished on what started his ongoing feud with Meek Mill, squashing his beef with 50 Cent, the work he does with his foundation and of course the Kardashian women he’s had sex with.

The Game & 50 Cent squash beef (Prolificfuse)

According to the ‘Candy Shop‘ rapper he ended his beef with 50 Cent in a strip club and would appear on “Power” if he was called up as he watched the show.

When host, Wendy Williams, brought on the subject of the Kardashian sisters he spilled the beans after Wendy claimed she had receipts.

Here’s how the questioning between he and Wendy went down:

Wendy: “You got down with Khloe, now did you get down with Kourtney? “

The Game: “No“.

Wendy: “Kim?”

The Game: “You know what, here’s what I’ll say. I’ll tell you this. Kanye is a really good friend of mine and they got really really beautiful kids and I don’t want to disrespect their family.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Wendy: “Well, Lamar is a really good friend of yours too she interjected.

So, it’s Khloe, it’s Kim, have you slept with the mom?

The Game: “Nah.

Two out of three ain’t bad as meatloaf would say.

But no, it was three. It’s three. It gets a little tricky. Chyna ain’t married yet. It’s all good, you know what I’m saying. It’s just facts.”

Well there you have it! The Game has slept with Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian’s soon to be wife, Blac Chyna.


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