8 reasons Mercy Johnson is our best Nigerian celebrity

Mercy Johnson Okojie

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Mercy Johnson?

Mercy Johnson Okojie Mercy Johnson Okojie (instagram)

She’s sweet, barely in our faces and super adorable. Here are eight reasons why she’s the best!

1. She doesn’t disturb us with posts on social media

Unlike other celebs who won’t give us a chance to breathe, Mercy Johnson is not all up in our faces.

Infact, she rarely shares photos of herself and when she does, it’s family photos. Still she has over 942, 000 followers.

2. Minds her business

Mercy Johnson minds her business. Doesn’t wade into any trending controversial topic to remain relevant. She keeps to herself and rarely butts into any conversation.

3. Shares family photos

Mercy Johnson's kids and husband Mercy Johnson’s kids and husband (Instagram)

Those cute family photos of her little kids are to die for! She constantly regales us with one funny tale or the other over what her rambunctious bunch is up to.

4. Versatile actress

Mercy Johnson can play any role in a movie, you can’t doubt that. She has starred in over 100 movies ever since she ventured into the industry in 2004.

5. Has that shape to die for

Mercy Johnson dedicates daughter Mercy Johnson dedicates daughter (Instagram)

This is another reason why she’s our mamasita. That hour glass shape even after three kids. We’re swooning already.

6. A role model for your child

Mercy Johnson and family Mercy Johnson and family (Instagram)

Just so you know, she is also the perfect role model for your child. Ever since she got married, Mercy Johnson has not been in the news for any controversy.

No marriage scandal, no wardrobe malfunctions, no nude scenes or outfits. Perfection if we are to describe it!

7. Humble to a fault

Let’s not forget her humility game is at a 100%. She constantly replies fans comments on social media.

8. Gives to charity

Mercy Johnson gives back to society (Instagram)

Lets not forget she also gives back to society!


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