Chocolate City Here are 6 artistes who left label in one year

Chocolate City announce new record labels 'Super Cool Cats', 'JagzNation'

Chocolate City in the past one year, has had a revolving door of artistes with  a number of departures. The label who relaunched last year with a change of leadership, and a merger with Loopy Music had up to 14 artiste at one point.

But while they have added new artistes to their ranks this year, – Qritical, and Ckay – they have also lost a lot of acts.

Up to six team members have left the label in various ways, with Pryse being the latest to bow out. Pulse presents a list of all the acts who have left the African music giants.

Ice Prince

Ice Prince Ice Prince (Instagram)


Ice Prince’s departure from the label had happened in 2013 after his contract expired. But it was this year that he came out publicly to announce that he had split with the label. A press conference was later held to mark his exit from Chocolate City.

Jesse Jagz

Birthday boy Jesse Jagz Birthday boy Jesse Jagz (Instagram )


Jesse Jagz has joined Chocolate City twice and left twice. His first exit in 2013 saw him start his Jagz Nation imprint and released two albums. His return in 2015 to join the Chocolate City relaunch was celebrated and he dropped 3 singles. But he left again, this time to setup his publishing business.



Milli moved from Loopy Music to Chocolate City, as he was assimilated during the merger by the two labels. But he was dissatisfied with his level of creative control, and forced an exit this year. He has since moved on with his career by dropping a debut EP, and working on a new one.


Milli drops "Don't Ask me what happened" EP Milli

(Up Next Movement)


Pryse was signed in 2012 after her discovery by M.I Abaga in the UK. All through her four year stay at the record label she had four official singles, 10 freestyle covers, and a music video. Last week, she was cut loose from the label, and she is embarking on a new phase in her career to start a record label.

Kahli Abdu & VHS Safari

Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari will need all the support from their new label, if they are to make it big in Nigeria. Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari will need all the support from their new label, if they are to make it big in Nigeria.



This was the briefest ever signing. Chocolate City announced that they had signed the group made up of rapper Kahli Abdu and producer-duo VHS Safari. But nothing came of it. The group was signed in June 2015, but Kahli Abdu publicly declared them out of the label in January 2016.

DJ Caise


Caise was signed in 2011, and has served the label faithfully all through his time. But he split last year, and no official word has been offered.

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