10 cute photos of Ushbebe’s baby boy

Ushebebe and son, Nolan

Nigerian comedian, Ushbebe and his wife welcomed their son, Nolan, in Atlanta, March this year.

We were super excited for them! The photos took us off guard with news of their birth and we are totally smitten with them.

Now, we’ve rounded up a couple of Nolan’s beautiful photos you would absolutely love. I mean who doesn’t love babies?

1. This adorable photo of Nolan showing off his bun while playing

Nolan (Instagram)

2. Then he posed for a cute sleeping picture with money bag E-Money

Baby Nolan and E-Money (Instagram)

3. Of course, we won’t forget to include this photo with his play buddy

Nolan and a playmate (Instagram)

4. What of when baby Nolan wore an Agbada? #Babygoals

Nolan (Instagram)

5. This adorable photo with daddy!

Ushebebe and baby, Nolan (Instagram)

6. And mummy too!

Nolan and mum (Instagram)

7. Then the both of them

Ushebebe and family (Instagram)

One cute family!
8. This cheeky upside down photo

Nolan (Instagram)

9. When he looked like his father’s carbon copy.

Ushebebe and son, Nolan (Instagram)

10. This adorable photo collage showing off that bun!

Nolan (Instagram)

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