DJ Spinall -‘Religion and science inspired my new “Ten” album’

DJ Spinall

For DJ Spinall, music has always been his life. From watching his late father attend numerous local parties wearing a cap, to being the life of the party, he has always worked for music, and music has worked for him too.

In 2015, he was part of the Nigerian contingent to the US music festival SXSW, and scored a lucrative endorsement deal with Smirnoff (which has been renewed this year). His journey to this place has been one of hardwork, twists and turns, with stints at Eko FM, Ray Power FM, and Beat FM. DJ Spinall has shown doggedness at every point through this travel.

 Nigerian Student Fashion And Design Week 2016  Nigerian Student Fashion And Design Week 2016

Last year marked a great career milestone for the DJ, as he released his debut album “My Story”. The project duly celebrated and birthed the hit, ‘Gbagbe’, a song which featured Burna Boy. And this year, he is out with a sophomore full-length album – “TEN” – which has symbolism written all over it.

“It was a management decision based on strategy to achieve “Top of Mind Awareness” for the brand DJ Spinall, by putting the name more into conversation and creating traction.” Spinall told Pulse.

The new project contains 10 tracks, and was released on the 10 day of the 10 month of 2016 (October 10, 2016). With collaborations with numerous stars and talented acts including Ice Prince, Sarkodie, Yung L, Ceeza, Niniola, Davido and many more.

DJ Spinall drops album "10" DJ Spinall drops album “10” (The CAP)

Spinall’s creative conceptualisation which resolves around the number “Ten”, is filled with significance revolving around science and religion. Spinall explains why he pursued that concept.

“TEN depicts something well done you know and can write a book on the significance of this title but let me attempt to brief you in 2 broad spectrums;” He says.

“As a qualified engineer with strong science and mathematics influence; Ten is the base of the decimal number system, by far the most common system of denoting numbers in both spoken and written language. The reason for the choice of ten is assumed to be that humans have ten fingers (digits).

“As a Christian; In Genesis 1 we find the phrase “God said” 10 times, which is a testimony of His creative power. God gave the 10 commandments to man. Ten therefore represents man’s responsibility to keep the commandments. A tithe is a 10th of our earnings and is a testimony of our faith in the Lord. There are bunch of other reasons but I will pause here today…”

DJ Spinall DJ Spinall (Instagram )

Ten” album is predominantly a dance album, with Spinal bring together talents on all levels of Nigerian music to create music. Each of the songs are inspired, with musicians placed outside their comfort zones. Spinall attaches emotions to all of them, stating that each individual track is unique for various reasons.

“All the tracks have equal importance to me. They were all made at different times under different circumstances and emotions. I relate to all the tracks differently due to the experiences behind them.”

With two albums in the bag now, Spinall’s concentration is on the big picture. He understands that the DJ-ing can be a tool for help, and has his focus on creating new DJs to come through him, and achieve greatness.

“My big picture is to inspire, grow and develop as many successors as possible and allow them the opportunity to be all they aspire to be and look after their families and communities.”

DJ Spinall’s sophomore album, “Ten”, is available on all digital music stores worldwide.


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